As we close the book on another Season it gives me great pleasure to present my Annual Report which reflects on the successes and disappointments of the past twelve months and sets out to be an honest account containing both quantitative and qualitative content which depicts the full spectrum of what has occurred within local Football during the past year.

It would be fair to say that 2014/2015 was another very busy and largely successful Season for Fermanagh & Western Football and we continue to be recognised as the leading Junior League regionally. The administration that is required to effect the smooth running of our Organisation – financially, logistically, organisationally and socially – is not dissimilar to running a small business and this should not be left to a select, albeit a democratically elected, few nor should it be taken for granted.

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It is with great pleasure that I reflect on an extraordinarily busy and challenging year for the League that many people will not forget in a hurry and I would encourage you to take the time to read through this Report and see the huge amount of activity that was undertaken throughout the year.

2013/2014 was a turbulent Season in many respects with incessant rainfall decimating a large part of our post-Christmas Playing Schedule. One of the most displeasing aspects of the previous twelve months was the unacceptable increase of on-field incidents which caused the abandonment of five matches during the Season.

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Welcome to another end of year retrospective on what has been another successful Season that featured a wealth of memorable moments, some outstanding performances and its usual quota of disappointments.

As I present my Annual Report it is important to reinforce that the Fermanagh & Western Football League embodies much more than the Competitions it organises. It is not only the participation of those that play the Game but those people off the field who immerse themselves in the Fermanagh & Western Club environment. In its widest terms the League links more than two and a half thousand people who take part in a full programme of matches on any given weekend and includes Players, Managers, Coaches, Referees, Administrators, Volunteers and Supporters who venture out in rain, hail or shine.

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Another Season has come to an end but while the Playing and Coaching Fraternity take a well-deserved break Administrators at League and Club level have to maintain our ‘drive’ as we review the Season past and prepare for the Season ahead which will soon be upon us with all of its customary inherent problems. For us the Season never ends and my thanks go to all those who keep the League and its Member Clubs running throughout the year.

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On behalf of the Fermanagh & Western Football League I am pleased to present the League’s Annual Report for Season 2010/2011. The past twelve months have been marked by significant activity both on and off the pitch and in many ways will be seen as a seminal year for local Football.

Last July at our Annual General Meeting I spoke of the challenges facing local Football and highlighted areas that I perceived as being particularly crucial. I am happy to report that significant progress has been achieved in many of these areas and anticipate that further progression will be made in the months ahead.

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